About Us

Founded in 2009 as the Vanderbilt Mobile Applications Team, VandyApps started as a group highly committed to developing quality, practical applications in a timely manner. The open source and interconnected nature of our development process allows an advancement in one application to produce positive effects in many others.

VandyApps' mission has evolved as the Computer Science department has grown at Vanderbilt. Our mission is to teach software engineering skills, prepare students for technical job interviews, and foster a welcoming and diverse environment for collaboration. Through various multi-week sessions, we teach our members what they want to learn. We have led iOS, Android, Linux Command Line, and Advanced Programming sessions. In addition, we bring in speakers from within the Vanderbilt community and also the greater Nashville community to give Tech Talks on special topics in Software Development. Our members go on to work at some of the best companies in the technology industry.


Emily Markert
David Lu
Vice President
Conner Pinson
Kaleab Gebremichael
David Witten
Zeinab Ahmed
Design Chair